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How to whiten underwear at home with high quality and still not ruin it?

Even 30 years ago, most women did not have many pairs of panties. Then all things were done better, but were much less diverse and accessible. Now all the counters are clogged with clothes, linen, buy - I do not want. The only problem is that the use of cheap fabrics and synthetics leads to the fact that things "live" less and very quickly lose their presentable appearance. Then the girls begin to wonder: how to whiten underwear at home?

Pellet bleach

Types of funds

There are three types of products that will help whiten underwear and save your favorite bra from yellowing. These are oxygen, optical and chlorine bleaches. Each of these types has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Optical means work on the principle of light reflection. By their name you can understand that the result of their work is visible only to the eye, in fact, you can’t whiten anything. The substances in these products reflect light and make the white color brighter, but only on clean and more or less new fabric.
  • Chlorine bleaches they saved linen from yellowness back in the days of our grandmothers, when they could only wash everything at home. The most common and clean example is bleach. Such tools are very effective, they work quickly and cleanly. The only problem is that chlorine is too strong a reagent. It literally corrodes the fabric after several uses. In addition, it is very caustic, smells sharply and can cause irritation.
  • Oxygen bleaches perfectly help to wash clothes. They do not spoil fabrics, can be used in a washing machine, bleach lace bras and make colored things contrast.

White bra

How to wash off a white bra?

At home, boiling is a great choice. If the bra is made of cotton or linen, this will work with a bang. Take an enameled bucket or tank (galvanized is also suitable).


Better not use iron and copper tanks. They can react with hot water and ruin all laundry.

Put a white rag on the bottom of the container and pour water there. Dissolve your favorite detergent (but not chlorine-based) in it, lather the especially dirty parts of things. Then spread them out and gently place them in water. You can add a little ammonia to 10 liters of water. Put the container on the fire and boil for half an hour or an hour. So you managed to whiten the bra at home to its original condition.

Synthetic white underwear

How to bleach synthetic underwear?

Great helper in bleaching synthetics - ordinary soda. To make it work, take a spoonful of soda for every liter of water and half a spoonful of ammonia. Heat the mixture a little, mix it well and put your favorite underwear there for 2-3 hours. When it is well wet, take it out, rinse it and send it to the washing machine. You will notice the excellent result as soon as you pull out the white bra or panties from the drum.


If you are a young mother, then you can use soda to whiten children's things and clean them from complex stains. To do this, remove alcohol from the previous composition and slightly reduce the amount of water.

White lace

How to bleach lace underwear at home?

There are two wonderful, albeit foreign, means for this. This is Vanish for white in a round box and Frau Schmidt for restoring the color of things. Both can be used in the same scenario.First, put some powder or a color-restoring tablet in warm water, let them dissolve and soak your lace underwear there. Let it lie for an hour or two. Then rinse it, put it in the washing machine and again add the same bleach to it. Set to sparing mode. The part with the washing machine can be removed, because it can damage the bra or panties.


Do not wash lace under the temperature above 40 degrees, otherwise it will turn gray.

Basket for women's underwear

A few more effective means, if the previous ones do not like

Soap Duru is inexpensive, but at the same time it has long been praised and secreted by housewives who know how to bleach things at home. To get the desired snow-white result, you just need to take one thing and carefully soap the yellow parts of the laundry soaked in warm water. Then rinse, repeat the procedure, let things stand and put them in the washing machine.

You can find the right bleach yourself. Just go through the household chemistry department and look for products labeled "oxygen." Such should work. For an example, not bad underwear cleans "Stork Bos". It is especially good for cleaning the bra and its straps.

Have a good wash, and do not forget to protect your hands from soap and powder, and the respiratory tract from bleach. Sometimes it causes an allergy. An excellent solution would be to wash your hands with a thick cream after washing.

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